Monday, March 1, 2010

First post

Hello, and welcome to my self-titled blog! My name is Carly and I love crafting, makeup, and music. My blog is currently under construction, but to kick start it, here's a project I just finished yesterday:
I used the bottom of a See's candy box for the base of this project. I first covered the entire thing with a few layers of Gesso, and once that dried, I covered the inside with some sheet music and patterned paper. Next, I added some light blue and black paint splatters; this completed the background. Finally, I added embellishments, a few of which came from this etsy kit.

Thank you for viewing, and expect more to come!


jonnajonna said...

This is fabulous, Carly! Super sweet! :)

Mandy said...

My favorite part is the scrabble letters.
I have been meaning to buy an old game and make some magnets from them.
Thanks for reminding me

allyson joy said...

this is so pretty!! i wanna see more of your creations!!!!
{xoxo} ally

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